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Voyager Arabella

A collaboration with michael caines Mbe




The iconic ‘Start Point’ lighthouse marked the beginning of the 19th century voyages of the Salcombe Fruit Schooners which carried the exotic goods, fruits and spices that inspire this gin’s signature flavour.
Distilled to the exacting London-Dry method, this classic citrus led gin is elegantly smooth, distinct and versatile.
Where shall we put the ABV 44%



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tasting notes

Start Point has distinct notes of red grapefruit along with heady, earthy pine notes from the finest Macedonian juniper. It is perfectly balanced with warming spiced aromas and has an amazing fresh and lengthy finish.

Best served

On its own over ice or with a premium tonic water and a slice of red grapefruit to complement the rich and warm citrus notes. Alternatively try our Start Point signature serves and cocktails.


Signature Serves AND COCKTAILS