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Cask aged gin

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Exotic Botanicals

Our citrus fruits are complemented by a further ten botanicals which have been hand sourced from around the world. Each has a story to tell, none are mass produced, all are traceable to their source and all are picked at their best. We are uncompromisingly fussy about their quality.

Many of our botanicals, including our fresh citrus and spices have been traced back to the global maritime trading routes and CARGOES once carried by the Salcombe Fruiters. whilst These botanicals are still shipped to England, they are sadly no longer onboard the beautiful fast sailing fruit schooners of a bygone era.

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Dartmoor water

Of utmost importance and often overlooked in gin distillation is the quality of the water used.

We distil our gin using some of the purest and softest water in England, sourced from high up in the wilds of Dartmoor National Park.

This naturally soft water means we have no need to add water softeners at any stage in the distillation process, resulting in a stunning, refreshing, yet characteristically smooth gin.



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