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Our award-winning cask aged Gin



Deriving its name from the Spanish ‘finis terre’ meaning end of the earth, to which we will travel to source the finest ingredients and materials to produce our exceptional gins, this limited edition cask aged release is the result of a collaboration with Bodegas Tradición; one of the most respected sherry houses in Spain, renowned for producing genre-defining aged wines using traditional and time honoured methods.

’Finisterre’ was aged at our distillery for 11 months in a hand picked Bodegas Tradición 624 litre American oak Fino sherry cask and reawakens a bygone era of adventure and trade, having traced a famous 19th century trading route of the Salcombe Fruit Schooners from Cadiz to England which carried fresh citrus and sherry from Jerez.

Limited to 825 bottles, 70cl, 46% ABV and is also available as a gift set with the ultra-traditional 12 year old Fino sherry which was drawn from the same cask at Bodegas Tradición 75cl 15% ABV.

Awarded Gold in the Cask Aged Gin category of the Gin Masters 2018.

sold out: this limited-edition release is no longer available to purchase.


cask aged

In 2017, we visited Bodegas Tradición to discuss Salcombe Distilling Co’s ideas for this cask aged gin project. Working alongside Cellar Master Pepe Blandino we selected a 624 litre 80-year-old American oak cask. (that once held their standard setting 12-year-old Fino sherry) as the perfect cask in which to age this limited-edition gin.

The Fino, having reached its optimum level of maturity was carefully removed from the cask and bottled in Jerez, before the cask was shipped to our distillery in Salcombe where it was filled with a special batch of Salcombe Gin and left to age for 11 months until it had taken on significant Fino notes from the cask.


tasting notes

‘Finisterre’ has tempered citrus notes, wonderful candied citrus aromas including orange blossom and moreish saline hints from the aged Fino. The result is a sophisticated and elegant gin with great character and depth of flavour whilst the aged Fino adds a further layer of complexity and gentle spice.

Best served on its own over ice, mixed with a premium Indian tonic water or for an exceptional martini married with Fino sherry in place of the more traditional vermouth. Alternatively, why not try our ‘Finistini’ or ‘Finisterre sour’ cocktail created by our mixology team.


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